Rishikesh in Pictures

Photography credits-Praveen Bissonauth

A holy city, Rishikesh sits along the holy Ganga river before the city of Haridwar. In the Hindu scriptures it was known as the place Rama stayed to do his penance and his brother Laxman crossed the river Ganga. 

Visited by thousands of pilgrims and yoga students each year it’s an immersive look into India’s spirituality both past and present.

At a glance

The Laxman Jhula bridge. 

Cows are sacred in Hindu culture. They are free to roam the streets

Holy Sadhus


Pilgrims bathing in the sacred River ganga
Strong river currents from the Shivalik mountains have resulted in several deaths each year yet the banks of the ganga see hundreds of thousands of visitors each year
Gatherings around the banks of the river. July is the month of Lord Shiva’s birth and many visitors flock to Uttrakhand at this time of year

Spirituality transitions to the west

During the 60s the Beatles came into contact with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. George Harisson’s particular interest in transcendental meditation led them to stay at the Maharishis ashram in Rishikesh.

The Beatles stayed with their partners, assistants and journalists at the ashram and eventually after a reported dispute with the Maharishi, left early.

The Maharishi’s ashram
A deserted site, the former ashram is now popular amongst street artists
Despite some early departures the Beatles links into spirituality started into make recognition in the west. During this time in India they wrote several songs and wanted to avert the use of psychedelic drugs and use other ways to open their consciousness.
Meditation huts still used in the present day


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