Udaipur Steals my Heart

They say that Udaipur is the Venice of India. Well I disagree- Udaipur is Udaipur and no one can level with the uniqueness of this city. What a way to end our time in Rajasthan…

The first morning in Udaipur as we looked over the balcony towards the lake view, the heavens opened with a full downpour of rain. The cooling moisture kissed our skin soothing us of the sweltering heat of Rajasthan we had felt over the last few weeks. A huge grin spread across our faces. I have never been happier to see rain!

Stunning lake views

Views of the Lake Palace, Lake pichola & city palace where the royal family reside. Founded by Maharana Udai Singh in 1559 the city is interconnected by its lakes and water systems.

Udaipur has several ghats (steps that lead down to banks) where you can sit, admire the beauty and watch the world go by. Cross the footbridge to wander to the other side.

Stepping up in the kitchen

Its a running joke between Prav and I that I never make Aloo Parathas for him so when the chance came to learn we decided to give it a shot.

Cooking classes are popular here in Udaipur, we went to Shashi’s cooking class. This whistlestop workshop of indian dishes showed us how to make paneer curries, roti, aloo parathas and of course the magic formula for indian chai (tea).

Shashi pictured (above left) had an inspirational story. After being widowed over 10 years ago she setup cooking classes to earn money. This was despite traditional norms in her Brahmin culture where widows are forbidden to work or go out. She nows runs successful and popular classes with her son.

Despite Shashi’s limited education she had an impressive ability to pick up languages from the various tourists that come through her class over the years. Certainly not hestitating to put everyone to work in this team effort!
The People make this city

Friendly and open even on our long trip to Udaipur on the local bus. People were kind in offering help where they recognised we weren’t locals. We spent many a time chatting to shop owners about everything from indian politics to the future developments of the city, there was no pressure to buy and they made us feel very comfortable!

Celebrate Creativity

Some great art showcased in Rajasthani style miniatures but also the modert art studios in Jagdish Chowk had some eye catching pieces.

Shariq Khan artist pictured above with his collection of oils and prints.

Particularly the work of Shariq Khan. An artist who has owned several studios. His art was like something I have not seen in India. A marriage of complex layers of mixed media and stories embedded into canvases and prints that draw you in.

Overall a great end to our time in the state of Rajasthan.


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