Hidden Gems in Bundi

After spending a night in Ranthambore we headed to Bundi for two nights.

Awakening the first morning and walking through town it was striking to see the unique colour of blue houses amongst the rainbow of colours making this city so easy on the eye.

It gives some real character, a rainbow drenched city surrounded by the hills.

During our short time we had stumbled across two particular soft spots for us.

Taragarh Fort-A Beautiful Surprise

Built in the 14th century this once grand fort and palace is open to the public to view.

Now you know you’re in trouble when the man at ticket office tells you that the monkeys surrounding the fort are a force to be reckoned with. “Will never forget those bites they bit me four times times.!!!”
He handed us a stick … this is serious business…

Up we went walking up towards the fort in the late afternoon heat we were the only ones heading up. Walking along passing monkeys cautious not to look them in the eye. 

Entering the palace there was only one indian family and a guide. It was quiet, serene and had a magical air like something from a storybook.

Rajputhani archticure runs throughout the palace

It was here in Bundi that Rudyard Kipling was inspired to write the book Kim. And you can see why it transports you back to a magical royal time and though it is deserted you can imagine it filled with public audiences being addressed by the king.

As we went from courtyard up to the concubines we walked through narrow stairways that were darker and shady. You could hear squeaking noises from the ceiling where bats were hanging. A bit of a surprise and slightly spooky.

I was almost scared and compelled at the same time by this fantasy like place.

The stunning Frescoes and stonework still look beautiful and would have been even more so in 1354. The Rajasthan government are keen to give money to help restore it as are UNESCO.

Yug Art

Pictured above Prav with Yug Prasad in the Yug Art studio, Bundi

Rajasthan is the heart of miniature art and representations of the Kings and Queens that have ruled.  Here we met Yug Prasad who founded Yug Art. This talented artist has brought a new layer to beautiful bespoke miniatures made on request in the style of our very own portrayal as Maharahni and Maharahja.

We can’t wait to see ours!!

New royalty-The Maharaja and Maharani of Morden

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  1. arv! says:

    Enjoyed your post. Brought back my memories


  2. Bundi is beautiful….. lot of beautiful places….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such beautiful architecture.. truly transports you back to the Royal times..And did you encountered any monkey ?


    1. vibranttiger says:

      We did of course the guardians of the fort…certainly makes it interesting!


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