Jaipur fuels the senses.

In such a busy and history rich city we don’t need to look far to get some excitement. Here’s why Jaipur can fuel the senses…

Rajah park area hosts some fantastic food stalls and with the right guide (thanks to Moustache hostel!) we were able to find some that were gentle on the stomach…and enticing to the tastebuds.

Spicy grilled masala paneer. Two words MOUTH WATERING. Something about indian paneer that melts in your mouth and takes flavours so well.

Dahi puri – perfect combination of sweet and sourness of the tamarind sauce served on a yoghurt filled fried parcel.

Paratha bread stuffed with spicy onions. These guys don’t shy away from flavour. Party in my mouth!

Vegetable Momos– A Tibetan style of steamed dumplings served with a spicy chilli sauce for you brave ones.

Gulab jammun. My brother’s favourite indian dessert. Perfectly soaked in an indulgent syrup and wait for sugar the rush that follows.

Quick bite favourites.

Dhokra and dahi wada at Rawat Kachori restaraunt

LMB restaraunt. The Mango Srikand is fantastic.


Minature paintings are a Rajasthani form of traditional artwork. These were used to portray the Maharaja’s and Maharanis in story telling accounts of historic events as well as daily living in the absence of photography back then. You can see many of these on the frescos of the palaces and are a celebrated here as a Rajasthani art specialism. Using very fine squirrel hair made brushes to capture the fine details on the highest calibre of work- these are so fine you need a magnifying glass to see just how much detail is there. Respect to the artists.


Gem stones and jewellery are abundant in Jaipur as the centre of precious stones, gold and silver. 
The style is a mixture of ethnic style jewellery to opulent pieces worthy of a Maharahni. Turquoise and Emerald and Moonstones are personal favourites for me.

Jodha Bazaar. Brimming with pashminas and Jaipur Elephant prints. Mirror embroidery. Have I embraced the traveller pyjama trousers? Not quite yet…but the colours are a visual treat don’t you think?


Jaipur is one of the noisiest cities in India, however not to the scale of Dehli which has the second highest level of noise pollution in the world ,Mumbai being the fourth. We can put this down to the traffic and of course those supersize horns which are a constant on the roads for rickshaws and scooters. After two days your ears become immune to it (!)

Overall I see the Jaipur capital as a melting pot of riches, royalty, poverty, beauty and overwhelm all in one.


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  1. arv! says:

    Happy to hear that you loved Jaipur, my city!


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