The Station Initiation.

Having done a couple of days in Dehli we were keen to reach Agra next. Having looked at some options we decided to get an afternoon train and after multiple and failed attempts to book online and some reading up it seemed that the best option would be to buy the tickets from new Dehli station…and so the fun begins and off we went to get the tickets for the next day. A few things discovered along the way…
Rule no. 1- Eyes peeled and act like you know where you’re going.

There are multiple touts waiting to pounce as you arrive at new dehli rail. They will come to you to supposedly help you locate the tourist centre. Convincingly lead some astray from the actual tourist centre. As in literally the opposite direction.

Rule no.2 – Don’t make eye contact or just smile and laugh. Head straight to the inside of the station.
Did we do this? No we failed big time šŸ™‚ and got led astray by a couple of genuine seeming folk who claimed to be ‘Rail officials’ … only to find he was either trying to get you into his mates rickshaw or his mates travel agency. #hustle

Rule no. 3 -If all else fails pretend you don’t speak Hindi or English.

Eventually we followed Google maps and ignored the passing shouts for attention and dove straight into the station to locate the Indian tourist office hidden upstairs. We stumbled across another foreign couple who had the same experience. Entering that place was like finally finding Disney world!
The bottom line is these guys can spot the tourists from a mile away and have used all the lines in the book. They know what works to push the buttons of uncertainty and convincingly get tourists to believe that they can help them find what they are looking for.

They have it down to an art form but in the end you have to laugh about it – as do the neighbouring stall owners that observe in amusement!!


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