Welcome to Dehli…

Rickshaw…it would be rude not to.

After a strangely seamless journey direct from London to Dehli, my husband and I arrived near midnight on Monday. Welcomed only by a few slight hiccups with (almost) misdirected luggage and a change in hotel. All things considered a promising start, after all in Dehli is never as it seems…

During our short stay in Dehli we chose to stay in the Hauz Khas (meaning royal tank in Farsi) village. A hidden gem in the hustle and bustle and unforgiving humidity of July. Housing this urban village is the water tank and reservoir, embraced by the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the medieval fort and residencies of Islamic scholars dating back to the 13th century Dehli Sultanate era.

Romantic & Tranquil. Hauz Khas fort

What’s surprising is the new side of commercialism that springs up here from the high end galleries, on-trend boutiques and cute patisseries to the terraces bars overlooking the lake view. To some these comforts are welcome and are seen as an opportunity to bring in new a tourist scene yet to others this is a clear branding of western influence.

Nevertheless it was a good start to my beginning in India and an introduction to Dehli. Is it the real Dehli? Probably not! but more of that to come…our initiation begins.

Vibrant. Residencies overlooking the fort.
Thirst quenching. Imperfecto, roof terrace bar with live music most nights.
Lunch at the Hauz Khas social. Impeccable menu- A favourite amongst entrepreneurs and startup workers 

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